11th-22nd January 2007

Temporary Measures, takes the form of a 12-day exhibition of 12 solo shows, each potentially lasting from 12pm-12am. Associates is a one-year project of 12 solo shows of artists who have not previously had a solo show in London. Temporary Measures echoes this in condensed form; for their 12-hour show, each artist has been invited to present a work or stage an event that takes into consideration this temporal framework and the format of the solo show itself. Organised by Andrew Bonacina and Rebecca May Marston.

Thursday 11th –
Andrew Lampert

Friday 12th – Stuart Bailey

Saturday 13th – Anne Low

Sunday 14th – Kelly Mark

Monday 15th – Koo Jeong-A

Tuesday 16th – Lucy Clout

Wednesday 17th – Will Holder

Thursday 18th – Melvin Moti

Friday 19th – Gemma Holt

Saturday 20th – Bik van der Pol

Sunday 21st – The Hut Project

Monday 22nd – Alexandre Singh


For more information contact Rebecca May Marston at rebecca@associatesgallery.co.uk or +44 (0) 207 729 8173